Fairies and Dragons, Ponies and Knights
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Jul 11 - Episode 11
Aug. 8 - Episodes 12 & 13
Sep. 5 - Episode 14 & 15

Fairies and Ponies, Dragons and Knights is an episodic story for humans of all ages! Each episode will be broadcast live to a virtual audience on Zoom, and followed by a release of the episode as a podcast.

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"It all started in the beginning, when they were babies. Well, the dragons weren’t babies, they were eggs. And the fairies weren’t babies either, fairies are never babies. But the rest of them were, the knights and the Ponies. And at the beginning, when everyone was an egg, or a non-baby, or a baby, everyone was nice. But over time, liiiiiiiiitle by liiiiiitle, so slowly that no one could say when or how or why it started, the Fairies and the Ponies got mean.

Beatrice knew this, better than anyone, because, although she couldn’t prove it yet, she knew that the Fairies and Ponies had stolen her egg. Her dragon egg. And she is going to get it back."
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